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Automation is the only way to decrease labour costs, manufacturing costs and risk. It also enhanaces safety requirements and quality assurance. We provide wide range of automation services including PLC programming, SCADA system designing and control system designing for various industries like manufacturing, process control, hydro stations, sub stations, etc

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Embrace the future of manufacturing with our cutting-edge electrical automation solutions. Our services seamlessly integrate into manufacturing processes, revolutionizing efficiency and precision.

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Elevate pharmaceutical production to new heights with our state-of-the-art electrical automation solutions. Our expertise in pharmaceutical automation ensures compliance, precision, and efficiency in every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Food & Beverages

Transform the way you approach food and beverage production with our innovative electrical automation solutions. Our expertise in automating food and beverage processes ensures consistency, quality, and efficiency in every aspect of production.

Renewable energy smart power grid system. Flat vector illustration of solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage, high voltage electricity power transmission grid and city skyline.

Energy And Utilities

Empower the future of energy and utilities with our advanced electrical automation solutions. Our expertise in this sector extends across power generation, distribution, and utility management, enabling organizations to enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in their operations.


Electrical Panel Manufacturing

Revolutionize the electrical panel manufacturing industry with our state-of-the-art automation solutions. Our expertise in electrical panel manufacturing automation ensures precision, speed, and reliability in every step of the production process.

Power station on blue sky at daytime

Power Plant Substation

Redefine the way power plant substations operate with our advanced electrical automation solutions. Our expertise in substation automation empowers power generation and distribution facilities to enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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Innovation In Industrial Automation And Electrical Solutions

We thrive on innovation and are always seeking the latest technological advancements to keep your business ahead of your curve.

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  • Automation of whole bear plant.
  • Automation of Dam Gate Control.
  • Automation of Turbine and Generator Control.
  • Automation of Extruders for cable industry.
  • Automation of Thermofurming machine.
  • DCS based utility monitoring system.
  • Repair and maintainence service.
  • Automation of fermentation in beer plant.
  • Automation of Hydraulic & Mechanical Presses.
  • Substation Automation System (SAS).
  • Boiler Automation.
  • Automation of Dairy Plants.